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Li-Ning racquet XP 900 (Strung)

Li-Ning racquet XP 900 (Strung)

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  • Product range: XP
  • Player type: Attacking
  • Player level: Beginner
  • Weight: 90 grams
  • Balance : Head Heavy
  • Balance point: 310 mm
  • Shaft flexibility: Stiff
  • Grip Size: S1 
  • Maximum tension: </= 24 pounds
  • Frame material: Carbon Fiber
  • Frame shape: Dynamic optimum frame
  • Color: Red/Orange

Comes with standard string and tension.

A perfect racket for starting your journey is here.
The XP series uses Duraluminum technology which elevates the design of aluminum head rackets.
It has an aluminum alloy frame and composite shaft which is perfect for lightweight and shock absorption to provide stability and power.
The frame design effectively increases the stringing area and provides greater bounce strengths for better performance.
The qualities of this racket make it an excellent fit for beginners and set it apart from any ordinary badminton racket.

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