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Li-Ning racquet frame Windstorm 79-S Black/gold

Li-Ning racquet frame Windstorm 79-S Black/gold

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Product range: Windstorm
Player type: Attacking
Player level:
 W1 (79g)
Shaft Flexibility:
Maximum racquet tension: </= 30 pounds
 Carbon Graphite
Frame Shape: Dynamic Optimum Frame
Shaft Thickness: 7 mm

Li-Ning Windstorm 79s is the new top-notch Windstorm racket backed by Superlight technology.
This racket is designed for superlight high power swings and features a soft shaft that requires less strength to generate power.
The dynamic optimum frame is devised to reduce air drag to boost your strikes with consistent high-velocity hits.
This gives players brisk motion control and fast swing speeds that directs all their force forward without any loss of momentum due to torsion.
It allows you to generate a great amount of power if you hit the max string tension at 30 lbs.
In case you are a player who is still developing badminton skills and racket swing techniques, this racket will provide great control and accuracy.

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