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Li-Ning racquet frame Turbo X50 G4

Li-Ning racquet frame Turbo X50 G4

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The Turbo X-G4 is a high-quality carbon fiber racquet from Li-Ning. This racquet is head heavy and lightweight that allows you to develop and practice offensive gameplay but at the same time offers excellent control with an optimized frame and better reaction time with the help of a flexible shaft.
  • Product Range: Turbo X
  • Player Type: Attacking
  • Player Level: Beginner
  • Weight: 87 grams
  • Balance Point: 300 mm
  • Balance: Head Heavy
  • Shaft Flexibility: Flexible
  • Grip Size: S1 
  • Maximum Tension: 30 lb (pounds)
  • Material: Carbon Fibre
  • Frame Shape: Dynamic Optimum Frame

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