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Li-Ning racquet frame G-FORCE PRO 2200

Li-Ning racquet frame G-FORCE PRO 2200

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Composition: Carbon Fiber
Flex: Soft
Color: Blue
Weight: W1 (71g - 79g )
Grip Size (Circumference thickness of grip handle with original leather grip on): S2 (3.25 inches)
  • Super light- weight.
  • Dynamic-Optimum Frame.
  • Aerotec Beam System.
  • High Tensile Slim Shaft.
  • Easy to handle and maneuver.
  • Produces high performance.

Li Ning G-Force 2200 Badminton Racquet (Blue, Weight - W1)

Designed for the player who loves to use his/her skills to the optimum, the Li-Ning G-Force300 can be controlled with the slightest use of force. With its lightweight nature and soft shaft, this racquet becomes more active in the user’s hands.

Dynamic-Optimum Frame

The racquet’s structure is optimized for an effective attacking as well as defensive play, while an isometric frame design widens the sweet spot for an increased return velocity.

Stabilised Torsion Angle

High elasticity is ensured by the stabilized torsion angle for a better return when the shuttlecock strikes the racquet away from its sweet spot.

UHB Shaft & Aerotec-Beam System

With the integration of these two technologies the racquet head gets better flexibility and reduced air-resistance.

Specifications of Li Ning G-Force 2200 Super Light S2 Badminton Racquet (Blue, Weight - W1)

Flexibility Soft
Series G-Force Series
Ideal For Beginner/Intermediate
Balance Balanced
Tension 24-26 LBS
Weight 83 g
Height 26 inch
Body Material Carbon Fiber
Shaft Material Carbon Fiber
Grip Size S2
String Pattern 22 x 22

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